Things To Know Before Visiting Japan

Things To Know Before Visiting Japan

Japan is an island nation that is different from all the other countries in its way. They are more advanced technologically than any other country. Here are some things to know before visiting Japan-

Learn small Japanese phrases

Even though Japanese speak English, the majority of them use their local language to communicate. Therefore, its visitors should know a few phrases like “thank you,” “excuse me,” “please,” “washroom,” “ramen.” Write down a few terms and use them while communicating them.

Tips? No thanks

We tip the workers as a small token of appreciation, but not in Japan. They don’t take the extra amount but feel insulted. They believe that excellent service is to be served, and there is no requirement for the reward in the form of money.

Maintaining silence in public.

The streets and the people judge you based on your behavior with the others. Japanese are the most cultured people, and they expect the same from the visitors. Therefore, the content of the conversation and the volume of the voice is what you need to watch out for.

No shoes allowed!

In most of the restaurants, they don’t allow visitors to enter with their shoes on. Therefore, it is a must to leave the boots or the footwear out before entering the house in Asia. If you enter with your shoes on, it is a significant sign of disrespect.

Underground Malls and shopping centers

Japan is covered with buildings. However, unlike other countries, it has utilized its underground system to make substantial shopping malls that are surprisingly beautiful. It is one of the things that cannot be missed when visiting Japan.

Pointing out at the people or any objects is a sign of offense.

In Japan, people believe that pointing a finger towards any object or a person is offensive and subjected to rudeness. Japanese are more worried about offending people, so it is better to watch out for the things you say or your actions. They are hesitant to say no. Sometimes when they want to say no, they end up saying “yes” even if they don’t want to agree or say “yes.” Please mind when the actions and the expression when they answer.

Cherry blossom

Does cherry blossom raise the rate of the hotel room?

Cherry blossom is one of the best things that one can witness, especially in Japan. It is said that the hotel rates increase when it’s the season of cherry blossom. People all over the world travel to Japan to see the beauty of cherry blossom in the spring.

The whole world admires Japanese culture and tradition, and we can witness it by the way and their practices. So visiting Japan is one of the things on the bucket list of most of us.

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