Foods Not To Miss While Traveling In India

Foods Not To Miss While Traveling In India

India is famous for its wide usage of spices in its cuisine. The herbs provide tremendous flavor and deliciousness to the cuisine. In India, there isn’t just one type, and different styles are prepared in other states. The whole world admires many dishes from India.

Never miss Indian Street food.

In India, street food is the best and is cheaper than restaurants. Street food’s flavor and taste are not equivalent to any restaurant. That’s the specialty of India. Some street food must-try is Chole chat and momos in Delhi, Kachori, Gol Gappa in Jaipur, Kathi roll from Kolkata, Mumbai’s pav bhaji, and vada pav are world-famous. Even though we get these things outside India, those places have unique ingredients where the food is cooked perfectly.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

It is nonvegetarian’s favorite of all. Who doesn’t like Tandoori chicken? It is one of the famous Indian BBQ chicken recipes made on a grill or regular oven. It is a feast for Indians to have tandoori chicken.

Papdi chaat

Papdi chaat is made of dough, then fried, and later add toppings. The spicy and crispy texture of the papdi chaat makes it even tastier. The masala or the toppings are the main ingredients that are added with sweet sauce. It is one of the main items that is preferred before dinner.

The Indian Thali

Thale means “A large plate” in Hindi. It is served on a large plate with many different dishes. It includes both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. Papdi, rice, salad, desserts, etc., are served. It is like the American-style buffet, where the waiters serve continuously like “ you can eat all” until you are full. Usually, there are various non-vegetarian items, but it can also be made vegetarian food by replacing meat with paneer or any other vegetable. Sweet like jalebi, Gulab jamoon, Malai kofta, etc., is also served.

South Indian Meals

Many countries recognize South Indian meals. There is a variety of food just like thali, but the dishes are different. It is served in banana leave and not plate as it is the culture, and it also brings out the flavor from within. Rice and sambar are the main dishes with a few curries, sweet and dessert are served.


Dose/Dosa is one of the favorites for many Indians. There are hundreds of varieties in dosa alone. The uniqueness of this is it be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and as well as dinner. The crispy texture from the outside and the curry and masala chutney inside is served with chutney. We get Dosa on both streets and as well as high-end restaurants. Different chefs prefer different ingredients to make it tastier.


Indian food can be found in many countries now. The spiciness is different from other countries which makes the Indian food. Regardless of street food or restaurant food, One needs to taste Indian food.

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