Know about the Philippines before visiting them

Know about the Philippines before visiting them

Having around 7000 islands, the Philippines is truly a great spot to visit on vacation. As a result, the Philippines has become one of the best Southeast Asian countries to visit. But do you know these things about them?

Filipino are too polite.

Yes, the people in the Philippines are too friendly and very helpful. Interacting with them won’t be regretful at all, and most of them address the visitors by “ma’am” or “sir.” It is so good to see people like Filipino who get attached easily, especially in the areas where there aren’t many tourists.

It’s alright, and everyone knows English.

Despite Filipino being the national language of the Philippines, everyone speaks English. Children start learning English from their childhood. They talk to Tagalog too. If you just learn 2 to 3 phrases in Tagalog, it is enough to impress the locals in the Philippines.

Airports are seen frequently.

It isn’t difficult to travel in the Philippines because usually, we take a cab or bus after getting off the plane, but there are small airports even in some towns that offer a reasonable price. So it can save a lot of time by directly flying there.


Tricycles over taxis

Tricycles are seen more often in the Philippines. This is because people prefer riding on Tricycles to taxis. However, it isn’t very comfortable, so it’s only better for a small distance. If planning for a long ride, it’s better to hire a motorbike or a car with a driver. But riding on Tricycles is a different feeling, so you’ll be depending on it at least once if you visit the Philippines. The fare is the price is fundamental as well.

Free water !!

Unlike many other countries, the Philippines are proved one more time. There is no need to fetch water from the tap anywhere. Instead, most Filipino restaurants offer “free filtered water” that is pure and drinkable.

Things are affordable

The things in the Philippines are very cheap and affordable. Hotel rooms and resorts with the best service don’t charge much. So the price will be average. Not only hotel rooms and resorts, but the food, drinks, and shopping items are also incredibly cheap.

Halt in the Philippines for months!

Usually, the countries don’t allow foreigners to stay for an extended period. But in the Philippines, you can wait for 25 to 30 months. So citizens of many countries can stay in the Philippines with a visa for 30 days and then request an extension of 1 month, two months, three months, or six months at least one week before the visa expiration. So you can just do that for up to 2 or 3 years before you can re-enter the country.

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